Somewhere around 2005, DC Standup started organizing one-night Comedy Kumite stand-up tournaments. (Go watch "Bloodsport" if you don't get the name.) The DC Improv revived the idea in 2015, and Comedy Kumite is now one of the most entertaining showcases for local comedians.

Each event features eight stand-ups in a bracketed tournament. Each "match" has two comics doing five-minute performances, and the one who gets the loudest audience cheers advances to the next round. After about 100 minutes, one comic is left standing, making them the Comedy Kumite champion. Every kumite show in the DC Improv's lounge showroom has sold out ... and we even named some Grand Champion in October 2016 and October 2017, when former winners returned to compete against each other.

The next Comedy Kumite is January 24, 2020.



Jacque Kindle

Jacques Kindle

Winner of Kumite 23.1 and 23.2 in winter 2020.

Dylan Vattelana

Dylan Vattelana

Winner of Kumite 22.1 and 22.2 in fall 2019, and Kumite Online I.

John Conroy

Winner of Kumite 20.2 in spring 2019.

Mike Brown

Winner of Kumite 20.1 in spring 2019.

Tim Miller

Winner of Kumite 7.2 in summer 2016, Kumite 15.1 in spring 2018,
and Kumite 19.2 in winter 2019. Also winner of Comedy Kumite Online II.

Matt Brown

Winner of Kumite 19.1 in winter 2019.

Grand Champion:
Lafayette Wright

Winner of Kumites 11.1, 13.1, 13.2, 17.1, 17.2
and Tournament of Champions 3 in January 2019.

Violet Gray

Winner of Kumite 18.1 and 18.2 in winter 2019.

Dominic Rivera

Winner of Kumite 16.1 and 16.2 in summer 2018.

Eddie Morrison

Winner of Kumite 15.2 in spring 2018.

Martin Amini

Winner of Kumite 14: Underground in spring 2018.

Mia Jackson

Winner of Kumite 12.1 and 12.2 in winter 2018.

Grand Champion:
Dylan Meyer

Winner of Kumite 11.2 in summer 2017
Tournament of Champions 2.2 in fall 2017.

Tommy Sinbazo

Winner of Kumite 10.2 in spring 2017.

Benjy Himmelfarb

Winner of Kumite 10.1 in spring 2017.

Grand Champion:
Cerrome Russell

Winner of Kumite 9.1 / 9.2 in spring 2017
Tournament of Champions 2.1 in fall 2017

Ross Benoit

Winner of Kumite 8.2 in winter 2017 and 21.2 in summer 2019.

Pat Riley

Winner of Kumite 8.1 in winter 2017.

Wendy Wroblewski

Winner of Kumite 7.1 in summer 2016 and 21.1 in summer 2019.

Jason Weems

Winner of Kumite 6.1 and Kumite 6.2 in spring 2016.

Jamel Johnson

Winner of Kumite 5.2 in winter 2016.

Russ Green

Winner of Kumite 5.1 in winter 2016.

Matty Litwack

Winner of Kumite 4.2 in winter 2016.

Grand Champion:
Rahmein Mostafavi

Winner of Kumite 4.1
October 2016 Tournament of Champions

Sean Savoy

Winner of Kumite 3 in fall 2015.

Natalie McGill

Winner of Kumite 2 in summer 2015.

Kasaun Wilson

Winner of the first Comedy Kumite  in summer 2015.